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Great styling shouldn’t rely on how many cushions you can afford

Beautiful cushions are expensive. 

They take up lots of space and are often impossible to wash.

The Cushion Accessory Co. gives stylists a toolkit to transform simple cushions into multiple on-trend looks, 

saving time, money, space and your creative flair.

‘Stylists shouldn’t have their creativity stifled because they 
can’t afford to buy or store more stock’- Maryna King

What stylists & home stagers really need

Buy, store & transport less

Statement cushions are superheroes when it’s time to transform a room, but also a significant investment. 

They take up huge amounts of space in storage and are bulky to transport

With The Cushion Accessory Co. products, you get more looks with fewer cushions, saving you money and storage room.

Pristine cushions = immaculate styling

When cushions are in constant use, cleanliness is always a concern. Statement cushions are often impossible to wash because they are delicate and the dyes are unstable. Every item in The Cushion Accessory Co. range can be easily removed before washing so your cushions are always spotless, ready to be the focal point in any room.

Say goodbye to boring styling

Home styling is competitive, and you want to deliver incredible results to your clients. The Cushion Accessory Co. range helps you get ahead of your competition, deliver truly unique focal pieces as part of your design and stay on top of ever-evolving trends.

3 easy steps to limitless custom cushions

Be more creative & increase your profit


Step 1: Get inspired by our looks online

Step 2: Visit the website to check out our fully co-ordinating range.

Step 3: Choose the pieces that will expand your styling options and create your own toolkit of cushion accessories. Get them delivered straight to your door!

Home styling & staging was my livelihood

Home styling & staging was my livelihooFor 6 years I ran my own interior styling and staging business, working with real estate agents on hundreds of properties around Brisbane. I know how challenging it is to keep up with different trends, provide a great service and still make money. Stylists need a variety of accessories that will translate with the style of any house, but there’s a limit of how many cushions you can buy and store.

I created The Cushion Accessory Co. as a solution that gives stylists flexibility, a distinctive high-end finish and makes them more profitable.

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